YaT_v4b_web_happyWe cast on episode 14 after a day’s delay due to the ‘influence’ of the neighbor’s lawn mower.  Yes, noise pollution, suburb style.  We talk a little about the fingerless glove project, a lot about our next fun sample stitch Irish Moss, and about feline gifts of love.  Did I mention my husband got a nerd car?  Join me for this edition of Yarns and Tales!

For this episode’s stitch, look here.

2 thoughts on “Yarns and Tales: Irish Moss and Feline Love Tokens

  1. Hi,
    I loooove your podcasts 😉 I found them last month and listened in sequence, I finally caught up this afternoon. I am knitting along the rice and Irish moss squares, using sock wool leftovers.
    I am listening in from the Australian outback, a desert town called Newman in Western Australia. I am on ravelry as Megan-Leslie and love the patterns of Anne Hanson. I travelled over to The states to go to Rhinebeck last fall and meet my Knitspot posse. I adore all things American, you have a wonderful country where your people are your greatest treasures.
    I am currently knitting a beret called Cyclone, Anne Hanson wrote the patter for her club release while we were holed up in a New York hotel waiting out superstore Sandy the week after Rhinebeck.
    What do I do apart from knit? I work in the mining industry doing 12 hour days so I really enjoy knitting to turn my brain off from a day at work 😉 I like to play golf and darts, my garden is looking neglected so I will have to get out there this weekend.
    Like the south, it is hot here, all days this week will be above 100f, and have been for about the last three months, I hear you on the ants.. We have them too…horrible!

    Take care,
    I will be listening next week and have recommended this podcast to my knitting friends

    • Megan, I’m SO glad you like my shows! I have a few FB friends there in Australia, closer to Sydney though. As Spring has sprung here (my red truck is mostly yellow now) I’ve got some gardening of my own to get to too. As for Ravelry, I’m revLea. 😎

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