In my attempt to be more eco-friendly, I decided to revisit the concept of cloth napkins for the dining experience.  I had been reading other blogs on how quickly other families transitioned to using re-useable linens instead of paper napkins or paper towels.  Some mothers commented on how it even helped their messiest eaters to start eating neater.  One blog commenter relayed the story of her dinner quests refusing to use the cloth for fear of ruining them, asking instead for paper towels.

I thought to myself “Has society become so accustomed to disposable everything that eating with a little eco-elegance befuddles them?”  With that thought, I decided to retrain my own family in the art of eco-elegance.

After two weeks, the concept of cloth napkins just seems normal.  More foods have become “finger licking good” and being more aware of how they eat is taking hold too.  Disposable everyday things is turning our society into pigs.  (For those who don’t understand that reference, pigs are omnivores, meaning they’ll eat everything in their trough, heck, everything in their environment.  Consume.  Consume.  Consume.)

If you’re interested in making your own cloth napkins, check out my instructions under Sewing for the Cloth Napkin Project.  If you’re not so handy, then check out local yard sales, second-hand shops, or online at wonderful sites like Etsy.

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