From another conversation recently, an acquaintance pointed out the image of how war-like some of our city streets and town throughways are becoming with guns. This was my response to the twitchy world we live in.

If you remove the gun factor, then that tool will be replaced with another tool whether it is a knife or slingshot with rocks or baseball bats or hammers or screwdrivers or shivs. The tool is NOT the problem here. Remove one tool and another WILL be found. It is the unrest and hatred and mistrust of each other that is the problem.

You must ask yourself, who is the enemy within CAUSING that mistrust and such. Who benefits from the infighting? Who reaps the benefits of us being like brainless cavemen squabbling?

I’m just asking those of you with brains to THINK about the relevant parts of the bigger picture.  Namaste’

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