YaT_v4b_web_happyI was thrilled that episode 11 cast on without any techno-gremlins this week and flowed easily, pardon the puns.  I chose the topic of eco-friendly, knitted tampons.  Yep.  Reusable “lady gear”.  This project is quick and simple, great for the environment, and both budget- and body-friendly.  Tune in and keep an open mind, if this isn’t something you’ve considered before.

You can find the written pattern here.

4 thoughts on “Yarns and Tales: Lady Gear for the Moontide

  1. I found your podcast on “Lady Gear” entertaining, realistic, well-thought, and tastefully presented. I too have wondered about “what-if”. I think your solution is more practical than the old belted napkins of yore.
    I laugh at the probably younger commenters whose response is “oh yuck”. They will learn in time the realities of biology.
    Thanks for presenting this topic, good job.

    • Thank you for the complement. So many have no comprehension of non-disposable life, to re-use rather than just throw away. I tried to keep the topic light and fun but also serious. Watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island, I often wondered what Ginger and Mary Ann did. 😎

  2. Knitted some of these with a friend today (we are both in our teens, and don’t think it’s gross at all) and it was great fun, thanks so much for the idea and pattern! c:

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