Let’s start by quoting it, shall we?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” — 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, ratified December 15th, 1791, with nine other amendments, totaling ten, known as the Bill of Rights.

Now, back to my question of “Why do I believe in the 2nd Amendment?”  Here’s my answer:

Our Founding Fathers didn’t believe in big government.  In their days, they called them monarchies or tyrants.  Our country was based on freedom, and all those who came understood the cost or price of that freedom.  What was it? Self-reliance.  This is real freedom.

The ability to always be able to defend yourself, your loved ones, your property, and your freedom with the right to bear arms is just part of the 2nd Amendment.  Notice the first part?  We are also guaranteed the right to do it in organized groups (militia).  The 2nd Amendment gives us citizens the right to weaponize ourselves whether those weapons are knives, machetes, pitchforks, handguns, Tommy-guns, machine guns, phasers, lasers, or atom disintegrators .  This amendment was written to withstand time and technological advances.

 2A_gunAs out government has grown over time, its desire for power has too.  With this time lapse, our populace has become less self-reliant.  We as a whole began looking to the leadership of this country to point us in the best direction, but it has always been our responsibility to critically analyze that suggestion of course of action.  Somewhere along the way, we stopped questioning and simply began blindly following.  This is NOT what our Founding Fathers wanted.  Hell, this is NOT what our original settlers came here for and died here for either.

Our government believes in the ideals of the 2nd Amendment for other countries, just not for us.  Our government uses our taxes to weaponize the peoples of other countries that have oppressive governments, yet this very same government seeks to suppress its own people.  Our government feeds the other peoples propaganda to “rise up, fight back, and be heard” while it tells us to “settle down; we’re working on a solution”.  Disarming a nation is what you do when your goal is total power and domination.

Tell me this: what is the difference between an armed guard escorting a prisoner and a body guard protecting a person of fame?  Both guards are there to restrict access to their assigned person as well as restrict the free movements of their charge.  One of the assigned people considers themselves a captive while the other believes they are being kept safe and secure.  Is it likely the prisoner got into trouble for being self-reliant?  Maybe.  And our person of fame pays to be locked up? Yes.

Our 2nd Amendment was (and is) intended for We-the-People to weaponize ourselves fairly against potential enemies, whether foreign or domestic.  This includes our own government.  At some point, its idea of security is going to completely remove our freedom, and prisoners, one and all, we will be.

2A_parchmentI encourage everyone to truly ponder why you do or don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment.  Simply ask yourself which you desire most: FREEDOM or SECURITY.  You can’t have both.  Do you want to police your own actions or do you want to be a prisoner in a gilded cage?

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