I was recently asked for a sample of my writing.  After a bit of thought, this is the piece I submitted.  I hope you enjoy the reading.  In all likelihood, you have witnessed them or maybe even been one of them.

The Sampler
By Lea Adkisson

You’ve met them. You may not have realized it, but you’ve met them. I speak of the ever-elusive Sampler. It may take a bit of time to find one, but once you do, there is an amusement in watching them.

The best place to locate these humans is a self-serve food bar, one of those all-you-can-eat places. The Sampler will approach the bar carefully, scanning the choices for any favorite items that they may have tried previously. Now the fun begins. With plate in hand, he or she will fill it with small dollops of never-before-tried foods. Just before the plate is full, they will walk the entire length of the bar, checking for potential musts long the way. This was just the first pass.

After tasting and mentally notating each new dish, they push away from the table and return to the bar. With fresh plate number two, they slowly gaze over the selections making sure to pick the items they didn’t have room for during the first pass. This second pass can irritate other visitors to the bar who are making their first hunger-driven pass. A true Sampler will kindly encourage the others to pass them, although the kindness is lost on the hungrier ones.

Completing the second round of tasting, the Sampler now re-approaches the bar, not for the main courses and side items but for the desserts. With the same methodology as before, he or she scans over the choices, noticing the familiar and non-familiar treats. With a dip here and slice there, this third plate is carefully carried back to table. This dessert sampling can result in a fourth plate.

Meal time entertainment can easily be found just by looking for Samplers. They may be obvious or rather oblivious to their actions as a Sampler, or they could be a bit more stealthy, trying not to be noticed on their numerous trips. Either way, it’s free dining entertainment as you enjoy your untold plate from the bar.

This was a fun piece to write.  Of course, as I write this, the bells chime midday or was that just my stomach giving a small growl?  Let’s do lunch, shall we?

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