Being revLea: YaTIt’s episode 30 of Yarns and Tales, and it cast on without a hitch or snag.  The topic of choice today was yarn-crafted mug cozies, specifically one by JanKnit over on Blogspot that she created called Basic Cup Cozy.  I also chatted a bit about online paid surveys and the use of my time warping device.  So, Howdy y’all! Welcome to Yarns and Tales!

2 thoughts on “Yarns and Tales: Cozy Mugs and Time Warps

  1. Hey there!
    I think you deserve a big pat on the back for biking for a whole mile. I’ve just started back walking since my man went on day shift. In this heat you have to get out there early. We, my little guy and I have been doing over a mile every morning and we feel great. Still not sure if a chihuahua should walk that far but he doesn’t complain. After he and his kitty girl have some breakfast they take a long nap.
    Well kudos to you girl. And keep up the podcasts I have you in the rotation for walk listening along with all my foodie stuff. I need inspiration for dinner each night.
    In Central Ohio

    • Thanks, Kelly! I can just imagine the conversation in your pup’s head as he trots along: “I’m a lean mean chihuahua machine. Oh yea!” 😎 It’s good to hear from a listener! Stay cool!

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