Being_revLea_No_candy_TF_dealIt’s come upon the end of October again.  Soon children from miles around will come to my door expecting bucket loads of candy treats.  This is the Hallowe’en that society, for the most of it anyway, celebrates.

I live in an area outside of the city limits, so I was not exaggerating when said that kids will come from miles around to collect bucket loads of candy.  The part I may have described in less than accurate terms would be the buckets.  Few use cute buckets anymore.  They use huge, brown paper grocery sacks, not even decorated.  What are they expecting?  Thirty pounds of treats that they don’t need?

I may be the Hallowe’en ‘Scrooge’.  I no longer play into this corporate non-sense of wasting my money on bags and bags and bags of candy for strangers that hardly bother with a decent costume anymore.

Being_revLea_no_candy_devilI started a new tradition some years back. Our town council “decided” that Hallowe’en fell on an inconvenient Friday due to a local high school football game.  The declared Hallowe’en would be the day before.  When children came to my home expecting candy, they were sent away disappointed.  “Today is NOT Hallowe’en, so I’m not passing out candy until then.”  These kids were confused and a bit mad that they didn’t get candy.  The following year Hallowe’en was moved because it fell on a Sunday (leap year).

Hallowe’en isn’t a flexible holiday to me.  You don’t see Christmas getting moved around, do you?  Does Kwanza get bumped over?  Is Easter delayed due to a sport?  I have witnessed July 4th celebrations delayed to fire hazard potentials or weather.  I’m okay with that.  That makes environmentally sound sense.  Of course, July 4th isn’t a faith-based celebration either.

Being_revLea_no_candyHallowe’en *is* a very spiritual time for many.  I decided to step away from the corporate merchandizing of this wonderful time of year.  I made a sign that hangs upon my door every October 31st from 4pm until well after dark, leaving my outdoor lighting off.  The original hand-written sign read “I made a deal with the Tooth Fairy – No Candy for Halloween.”  Of the children that should have been able to read, only about half bothered to do so.  Many still rapped upon my wooden door, expecting treats.

I have two new signs that I have used for a year or two now.  It’s a red devil stirring a cauldron with the words “No Candy”.  Children seem to understand this sign better.  If you like the signage idea, feel free to use it.  Simply click the image and save it to your computer for printing later.

Happy Halloween!

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