This 45th episode of Yarns and Tales cast on without a snag, sending us straight into the world of prototyping, programming, Warcraft, and rutabagas.  The body of the red cowl was finished, only lacking buttons.  A few statistics from the hubby led to a brainstorm of pattern ideas that, of course, needed fleshing out (more than once).  This, again, led to the correlation that those of us that design are “programmers in YARN”.  The aforementioned prototyping was worked tandemly while looting candy buckets in the MMORPG World of Warcraft.  The tasty part of this episode was the chat about the experimental recipe for Rutabaga Cobbler.

2 thoughts on “Yarns and Tales: World of YARNcraft and Rutabagas?

  1. Hi,
    love this podcast, I look forward to each episode, have listened from the beginning and knitted along with the stitch sample squares.
    I am in the west australian outback in a tiny town called Newman, we air in the tropic of capricorn so i really sympathise with the heat and humidity you get.
    I was in the US last year for Rhinebeck and loved it.. this year we are remodelling the kitchen and removing walls so no trip to the US for me.
    I sew as well, not too well, you can also see my knitting projects on ravelry where i am Megan-leslie.
    hope your week unfolds into all of it’s possibilities.
    kind regards

    • Thank you Megan! The heat is slowly diminishing now. It only took til November! We’re only reaching highs of 75-ish and lows in the high 40s. LOL Still warm. 😎

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