Article after article from site after site reveals how much many men in our modern society dislike, or even loathe, women.  Each of these men seek to control the very movements, thoughts, and decisions of this she-class.  This behavior speaks more about him than it does about her.

What is it that she wants? She wants full authoritative control over herself.  Simple.  She seeks freedom from a history of male domination of her kind.  In doing so, she becomes an equal human being to his kind.

Why do these men fight it, refuse it, deny it so loudly and adamantly?  It reflects on their level of self-control.  As it stands with these males, they tend to blame their lack of control on some woman somewhere.  It’s her fault.  She dressed wrong, and this affected his sexual response causing him to react in a manner that invaded her space.  She spoke wrong, and this affected his emotions causing him to react poorly to this mood swing.  She thought adversely to him, and this caused him to react negatively in her direction.

He seeks laws to make his flaws less obvious, to both him and society.  The target of these men already holds far too much power over themselves as this she-class can control themselves.  They have for centuries.  Years upon years of watching, listening, and sharing quietly the little nuances of male behavior, both as entertainment and survival techniques.

The next time you witness a man negatively ramble and wail on and on about “a woman’s place”, see him for what he really is — an under-trained, poorly skilled human in the art of self-control and self-knowledge.  He deserves pity by the she-class and shunning by the better men of society who understand this self-control and comprehension as an internal war, not external.

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