being_revLea_dog_sweater_v1Remember in episode 28 of Yarns and Tales I was creating my first dog sweater from scratch?  No pattern, just guess work from oodles of images from a Google search.  The sweater was completed, and it turned out rather well, I’m pleased to report.

Of course, I do not have a small dog to try it on for fit and function, but I do have a small cat.  Go ahead and giggle.  With my daughter’s help, we made our dear girl Gracie into a dog sweater model for about 30 minutes or so.  Allow me say this: Gracie did NOT appreciate being clad in this “contraption” at all.

being_revLea_dog_sweater_v4She first tried to back out of it since she went head first into it.  This did not work to her advantage.  Remaining still, she contemplated her next attempt to escape this “thing”.  Her answer?  Speed belly crawling through the kitchen.  I guess she hoping it would simply fall off of her.  Reaching the living room, she laid over on her side quite aggravated.

During all of this, my daughter and I tried desperately not to laugh out loud and add to her ordeal.  You know those kinds of situations, the ones where the harder you try to stifle the laughter, the funnier it gets?  Our eyes were moist, and our stomach muscles ached.

being_revLea_dog_sweater_v2Once I was able to control my giggles, I made several attempts to take some decent pictures of Gracie modeling the sweater.  She wrestled with it.  She tried rolling out of it.  She tried using her claws but only managed to get one stuck in the yarn instead, pulling a thread (visible in one shot).  After taking nearly a dozen shots, I released her from her “modeling contract”.  As soon as the sweater was off, so was she, across the living room and up the stair well to places unknown in the sanctuary of the second floor and the kids’ rooms.

I’m pleased with the dog, um cat, sweater.  Gracie forgave me an hour or so later.  I wonder how she’ll feel about the next modeling gig?

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