being_revLea_scarlet_sands_gloves_v2These gloves have a story.  It started on an Alpaca in Norway.  Through sheering and spinning and dying and such, two skeins of this yarn found its way into the hands of a YaT fan named Gunn (closely rhymes with dune).  Dear Gunn sent me this wonderfully soft yarn as a gift.

This was last year.  It sat on my desk as I pondered what it wanted to become.  For days and nights I looked it over, touching it and asking it “What should you be?”

A cowl!  So I used both to make a cowl.  It was a beautiful cowl.  It was cuddly cowl.  It was cowl of the rice stitch design.  But it wasn’t meant to remain a cowl.  I frogged it.

It regressed back into two balls of yarn, waiting to become.  Another bit of time passed, then the “ah-ha” hit me! Fingerless gloves!  I live in the southern region of the US.  Fashionable, soft fingerless gloves will prove most practical for my diva-tude.

Shorter, with fold over cuffingAnd so I began again with the “becoming” aspect of the two balls.  This time the yarn became and will remain as a beautiful pair of gloves which I have named The Scarlet Sands Gloves.  Why that name?  Firstly, for the rich red color.  Secondly, remember how I said that Gunn’s name sort of rhymed with ‘dune’?  I thought ‘sand dune’, and they can change shape with the right winds.

The basic idea behind this glove was to go vertical with just a few rows, instead of the usual horizontal with many rows.  I used the Rice stitch throughout, a simple yet classic look for the rich red yarn.

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