As I promised from episode 67 of YaT, this is the pattern I used and talked about in that show.  As we discuss variations in later YaT shows, I’ll simply modify this post adding to its content.  Sound good?  Excellent!  Let’s get started.

The yarn I used is a #5 bulky from Lionbrand from their Tweed Stripes series called “Marble”.  My needle size is US #8 (or about a 5mm in metric).

Episode 67: The Basic Preemie Tube Sock

Cast on 23 stitches.  Rib 1×1 (k1, p1) to the end. Turn.

SS (Slip the 1st stitch), continue the 1×1 rib to the end. Turn.  Do this for roughly 4 inches (or in my case in the show 26 rows).

Row 27: SS, k2tog across the row. Stitches now equal 12. Turn.

Row 28: P2tog across making your stitch count equal 6. Turn.

Row 29: Bind off. Fold length-wise with purling to the outside, and using the cuff-end tail, thread a yarn needle and whip stitch the sides together to the toes.  Tie off the ends and bury the tails, clipping the excess. Turn inside out.

Do this again for the partner sock.


Variation #1 (YaT Episode 69)

In this version, I used a #4 worsted weight yarn since I ran out of the #5 bulky from the original talked about above.  The only other difference is the stitch rotation – stockinette instead of 1×1 ribbing throughout.

Cast on the 23 stitches and 1×1 rib for 5 or 6 rows then start the Stockinette pattern (on the ‘knit side’ — something I talk about in YaT 69 but not crucial to completing the sock.  See the following picture.)

By row 26-ish, it should roughly be about 4 inches long.  On the knit side, SS the first stitch then K2tog the remaining stitches reducing the stitch count to 12.  Turn; P2tog across, leaving 6 stitches. Turn again and bind of knit-wise.  Follow the remaining directions as above for finishing the sock and making its twin.


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