I decided to do a little real world job math. I have to work one shift at my part-time job to pay for the gas I’ll burn to work my remaining scheduled shifts in the week. I usually work 4 shifts.

I would have to get $1.25 more an hour just to pay my fuel expense. When you reverse compensate the logic, I make about $6/hour. Corporate logic of “work more hours” or “work more jobs” doesn’t equate to better money. It equates to less life outside of work because you’re working a “dying wage” — you’re killing yourself to barely get by the debt collector. “More money” comes from BETTER PAY which is called “LIVING WAGES”. Minimum wage is for those who desire minimum life.

Would these corporate “chairs and CEOs” work for a minimum wage in today’s world? We all know they wouldn’t, especially not for their own companies.  If corporations are “people too”, then they should be classed as slave owners concerning their employees since they don’t pay them enough to truly “live on”.  Last time I checked, slavery was illegal in America.

We’re going to fight for our right to live. Demand better. Raise your voice. Praise those who listen and act by raising their wages. Let’s get loud then let’s get LOUDER. Be the pain in their asses like they’ve been in ours since we’re only getting fucked in the end anyway.

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