Being revLea: HeadshotWell, howdy.  You found me, rather, you found my blog.  This is my little spot in the web where I freely display bits of my life.  I’m a complex kind of woman, no longer young and not yet old.  I’m wise enough to know the best when’s and where’s and young enough to argue about everything because I don’t agree with the old standards.  I am a rebel at heart and a healer in spirit with all the parts in between enjoying being creative, crafty, and sometimes, cranky.

Where else can I be found web-wise? I can be found in several places: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Ravelry, Nimblestix, YouTube, Spoonflower, and Etsy.  I randomly update my spiritual blog Regnosis for those of you with a more accepting mind of the heart and Spirit.  It also has a Facebook presence here.

being_revlea_sewtoolEnjoyments? I enjoy sewing.  I took that up when I was small, playing with the cloth scraps from my mother’s sewing projects.  I learned hand stitching first, quickly learning that my fingers were NOT pin cushions.  Before I was allowed to use an electric sewing machine, my dad made it clear that I had to be able to handle sewing on a treadle machine which my mom had (a working Singer treadle). I did, and I’m glad I did. I still find it relaxing to use a treadle from time to time on simple projects.  Once, in my early 20s, I was asked who taught me all this sewing stuff I was doing.  I pointed over to my mom.  She denied it, saying that I had primarily taught myself.  I learn much by watching so she, and her mother, had a strong influence on it.

being_revlea_knitting_imageI enjoy knitting and crocheting too.  I taught myself crochet before I was 10.  Aren’t libraries a wonderful thing?  As for knitting, I had a friend’s sister teach me how to knit when I was 12 or 13 years old.  Once I understood the basics, I was hooked, or would that be ‘stuck’?  In this world of hooks and needles, I enjoy designing simple patterns.  I’m not fond of complicated patterns.  Quick projects are just more fun.  Long term projects are good for waiting scenarios, like car maintenance, doctor’s visits, passenger travel (where the TSA isn’t involved), waiting on trains, etc.

I enjoy cooking, creatively that is, although some of my creativeness isn’t necessarily delicious when all is said and done.  But when it is, I share it.

I enjoy imagery, whether by writing, by camera, by hand-art or a blend of the last two with a computer’s help.  Being creative is meditative, and that’s where I find the balance between complex and simple.being_revlea_feather_image

I mentioned writing. This is how I described myself when I had to write my author’s bio for my book(s):

As a wife of twenty-plus years and mother to three “knowledgeable” teenagers, Lea has had her adventures while being a life-long resident in south Georgia. Once described as “out of place in time”, the non-conforming, highly opinionated observer and forward thinker that she is has provided her with ample challenges, but this makes her gift as a counselor more rewarding.

Lea enjoys many hands-on skills such as sewing, knitting, cooking, and carpentry. Her inner artist enjoys photography, creative writing, sketching, and free-form dancing.

Holding a “pro-choice everything” stance keeps those around her on their toes as she loves a lively discussion. Some of this energy gets funneled into various audio-casting projects.

Speaking of my books, here they are (shown below). I was honored to be the copy- and creative- editor of my husband’s books Podcasting Year One and Fifty and Furious: Wading Through Hell. They are here as well, with F-n-F available in two formats.


Podcasting Year One Cover
(Print edition)(eBook edition)