I have fun in the kitchen whether it’s creating meals (new or familiar) or home remedies for ailments.

My family doesn’t always enjoy being my test subjects on the new foods, but they do appreciate the familiar ones.  My dad once worried that I’d never learn to cook, and my mom worried that my dislike of salt would mess up one meal too many.  Today, my family doesn’t live by the salt shaker but instead by the onion powder shaker, so much to the surprise of several, I did learn to love cooking.  I’ve come to define myself as a simple chef, not a cook.  The difference?  A cook follows instructions while a chef creates them.  hahaha

As for home remedies, these alleviate problems as they crop up.  What most people don’t understand nowadays is that it took time to screw up something in the body and so it will take time to fix it.  There are no magic pills without side effects, and have you really noticed some of the warnings on those pills today???

I’ll share recipes and remedies from time to time.  Let’s see where we go, shall we?

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