chalice_stitch_webThis simple and wonderfully textured stitch is the Chalice Stitch from episode 18 of YaT.  It is a basic basket weave stitch with a twist.   The twist is the baby step concept of cabling where you switch the order of a few stitches within the row.  This stitch is would likely look better in a solid colored yarn rather than the variegated that I worked my sample in.  Regardless, I hope you have fun with it.

Chalice Stitch

Multiples of 8

Rows 1: *K4, P4*

Row 2: *P4, K4*

Row 3: *K4, P4*

Row 4: *P4, K4*

Row 5: *P4, sl next 2 sts to spare dpn or cable needle and leave at the front of work, K2, K2 from spare needle*

Row 6: Work like row 2

Keep working this rotation for as long as you desire this basket weave variation.  Remember, you only stitch switch the knits when you switch the purls and knits for that one row in the ‘weaving’.  Otherwise, it’s just rotating a 4×4 rib.  Enjoy!

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