rice_stitch_webThe stitch from episode 13 is called (according to my book) Rice Stitch.  It is also known as Moss Stitch.  This simple stitch is a great texture stitch for both novices and experts.

The pattern is based on multiples of 2.  Our practice piece from the episode is 24 stitches cast on size 7 needles.

Row 1: K1 P1, repeating to the end, turn.

Row 2: P1 K1, repeating to the end, turn.

Row 3: repeat row 1.

Noticing the pattern yet?  As the book notates, whatever stitch you end the row on will be the stitch you begin the next row with.  Basically, purl the knits and knit the purls.

For the purpose of our YaT project, we’ll be making the practice piece into a square, or as closely resembling one as you can.  It’s all about the fun and the learning.

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